Due to the situation that we all know (pandemic containment …) I have gone from 6 gigs per week to about 3 per year,  so I decided to use this free time to create this website in which you will find:

-A blog: “The Show Should Go on”, dealing with the effects of aging on the practice of our profession and what strategies we can use to continue to play with pleasure the longest time possible.

This blog is intended to be a place of exchange where all those who wish can leave their comments and share their tips and experiences. I am thinking of including interviews with musicians, doctors, interested in these subjects;

If I have enough positive feedback (and the necessary energy!) It might turn into a podcast

-The4/6/5 … strings & gear” page: In which I share some tips and knowledge acquired over 40 years of “DIY”: being left-handed, I had to adapt or build my own basses very early on.

Regarding my two double basses, I intend to put them, (given the increasingly difficult air transport conditions), at the disposal of traveling bassists (under certain conditions of course). There is a full description of these instruments.

These instruments are maintained and set-up by Gaël McKeon  www.gaelmckeon.com

KLGO ”, where you will find news from the band Kendrick /Lovato /Gallone /Onoe, we have created Lexie Kendrick (vocals), Sébastien Lovato (piano / keyboards), Ichiro Onoe (drums) and myself (bass), in May 2020.

First album “ALMOST BLUE”  recorded on May 25 and 26, 2020, release: SEPTEMBER 24/2021! On theLabel ACEL.  www.helloasso.com/associations/acel


Videos, MP3 extracts from the first album to listen to…!

Videos and photos by A. Benjabe  www.abdoubenjabe.com

 “Current  Projects”: arrangements, compositions, transcriptions, PDF and MP3 etc …

– There will be probably a page “Lefties” dedicated to the left-handed : the subject is interesting, especially for those and those of you who teach, on this subject, episode N ° 487 of the Podcast “Contrabass Conversations” by Jason HEATH, ( https://contrabassconversations.com )

More to come soon!!